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Dairy UA — is a group of companies in Ukraine, Bulgaria and Estonia, specializing in a wholesale of milk products (dairy products). Our team of professionals has rich experience, deep knowledge and valuable connections.

It is not a secret that Ukraine has a number of features that positively influence the efficiency of the local dairy industry comparing with the nearby regions. At first, we have traditionally abundant resource base. Secondly, Ukrainian`s felicitous geo position in the best way possible enable efficient logistics. Thirdly, since old times milk products in Ukraine were produced in big volumes. Dairy plants which produce milk, cream, sour cream, condensed milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, milk powders (dry milk), casein, etc., exist and develop own facilities for decades. Most Ukrainian dairy factories equipped with modern equipment, at the same time preserved many years of heritage and classic technologies.

Nevertheless, there is no Ukrainian milk plant produces the full range of dairy products. Some specialize in condensed milk, others on cheese and whey powder, the rest on milk powders or cream butter, etc. It comes as no surprise that only the real professional in the Ukrainian dairy market can orientate correctly in such conditions. Exactly the professional like a Dairy UA company is.

We offer our customers any product from the dairy products assortment at a competitive price. In doing so, we cooperate with proven milk products producers, which are best in dairy industry, only. Our branches in Bulgaria and Estonia allow to sustain supply chain of dairy products to EU, optimizing workflow and reducing time costs.


Experts in dairy industry

Milk products from Ukraine are quite popular and in high demand in many countries. This is due to both high quality and low prices. We are experts in the field of milk products supply. Dairy UA company has developed one of the largest country`s supply chains. As a result, we do offer our customers the best dairy products produced by the best Ukrainian producers.


Benefit of our customer – one of the main objectives of our company. Thereto we constantly monitor all changes in the dairy market in Ukraine. We analyze and determine the dairy market key trends. We provide the fullest possible information on all market aspects. We try to maintain competitive prices in any circumstances in order your business will bring you pleasure.


Doing business with us is not only easy, but also safe. We pay attention to each deal, regardless of the deal amount. We provide the deal clear control on all stages: from the supplier`s careful selection and products of required quality to the delivery on-time.


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