European Milk Market Observatory – DASHBOARD 07.11.19

Milk products from Ukraine DairyUA. Butter (unsalted, lactic), Milk powders (SMP, WMP, FCMP), whey powder, sweetened condensed milk (sweetened dairy creamer)
  • EU average farm gate milk prices increased by 2.3% in September compared to August, to 34.4 c/kg
  • Milk prices in the US have been increasing since beginning of the year and now reached 41.7 c/kg, as high as at the end of 2014
  • Milk prices in NZ slightly up in September, to 29.4 c/kg but have fallen by 14% since July 2017
  • IT spot milk price slightly down to 44.3 c/kg, at the level of Nov. 2018
  • Feed costs higher +1.9% and energy costs lower -0.2% in week 44 compared to the previous 4 weeks
  • EU butter prices: now at 365 €/100 kg, -0.3% up in last 4 weeks, -16% since January 2019
  • EU SMP prices: now at 236 €/100 kg, +2.0% up in last 4 weeks, the highest level since 08/2014
  • EU WMP prices -1.2% down but EU cheddar prices +1.2% up in last 4 weeks

Full data available:

Butter range from Dairy UA – click here.

Milk powders and Whey powders range from Dairy UA – click here.

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