European Milk Market Observatory – DASHBOARD 05.08.2021

Milk products from Ukraine DairyUA. Butter (unsalted, lactic), Milk powders (SMP, WMP, FCMP), whey powder, sweetened condensed milk (sweetened dairy creamer)
  • EU avg milk price in June 2021 is at 35.7 c/kg, unchanged compared to May 2021, and 9.8% higher than one year ago;
  • Member States’ estimates point to an increase in July 2021, to 35.9 c/kg;
  • Compared to June 2020, milk prices in June this year are higher in 22 Member States. In FI, CY, PT and SK, milk prices have decreased compared to one year ago;
  • Milk prices have decreased in the US by 8.5% in June 2021, reaching 35.3 c/kg, which is 23.5% lower than one year ago;
  • The highest organic raw milk prices in June 2021 are recorded in CY, PT, IT, DE and AT; the lowest prices in LV, EE, SI and LT.

Full data available:

Butter range from Dairy UA – click here.

Milk powders and Whey powders range from Dairy UA – click here.

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