European Milk Market Observatory – MILK and DAIRY PRODUCTION 11.08.2021

Milk products from Ukraine DairyUA. Butter (unsalted, lactic), Milk powders (SMP, WMP, FCMP), whey powder, sweetened condensed milk (sweetened dairy creamer)
  • EU farm gate milk prices in June remained virtually at same level as previous month: 35.7 c/kg;
  • This price is 13% higher than the average for June in the last 5 years;
  • June raw milk price decreased by -8.5% in the US and increased by +5.2% in New Zealand, compared to one month before (prices expressed in €cents/kg);
  • IT spot milk price down, now at 38.5 c/kg. (8/8/2021);
  • EU butter prices: 393 €/100 kg, -0.5% down in last 4 weeks;
  • EU SMP prices: 249 €/100 kg, -0.5% down in last 4 weeks;
  • EU WMP prices: 315 €/100 kg, -0.4% down in last 4 weeks;
  • EU cheddar prices: 324 €/100 kg, +1.8% up in last 4 weeks;
  • Increase of feed costs (+1.5%) and energy costs (+0.4%) in week 31 compared to the previous 4 weeks;
  • USA is still more price competitive on butter, SMP and cheddar while Oceania is more competitive on WMP;
  • Decrease of milk powder prices in Oceania (-3.2% for SMP and -3.6% for WMP) in the last 2 weeks.

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